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The Resource Conservation District of Tehama County (RCD-TC) is a non-regulatory public agency whose mission is “to assist citizens with managing, conserving, and improving the natural resources of Tehama County.”  RCD-TC provides a number of services for the residents, landowners, agricultural producers and government agencies of Tehama County.  These include:
   Funding cost-share projects for landowners and agricultural producers;
   Financial management and oversight of  projects related to natural resource conservation, protection, and improvement;
   Development and execution of noxious weed mapping and eradication projects;
   Development and execution of resource surveys and analysis;
   Development and preparation of wildfire plans, conservation plans, and resource assessments;
   Providing technical assistance to landowners and agricultural producers for evaluating irrigation systems through the Mobile Irrigation Lab Program; and
   Providing educational services, materials, and workshops for students, teachers, and adults throughout Tehama County.

Our mission is to assist people to manage, conserve, and improve the natural resources of Tehama County.

Our vision is for a balanced use of the county's natural resources, where all land use decisions are socially acceptable, environmentally sound, and economically feasible.

The RCD-TC is governed by five Directors, appointed by the Tehama County Board of Supervisors; and by non-voting Associate Directors, appointed by the District's Board of Directors.

The includes approximately 1,761,000 acres and embodies all of Tehama County with the exception of the cities of Tehama, Corning and Red Bluff.


In the 1930's -The Dust Bowl Era - Congress recognized soil erosion as the #1 priority if the country's agricultural industry were to continue to prosper. The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), formerly known as the Soil Conservation Service, was  formed to address the crisis of the Dust Bowl. Congress realized that a centrally governed federal agency in Washington could not be responsive to local needs, so they authorized states to form  "Soil Conservation Districts," the local counterpart of NRCS, to provide local assistance to landowners, farmers and ranchers. In 1938 California recognized Soil Conservation Districts (now known as "Resource Conservation Districts" or "RCDs") and authorized their formation in the state. Since that time, the NRCS and RCDs have had a close working relationship. Currently 80% of the state is located within a Resource Conservation District.

Board of Directors

Jack Bramhall, President: Mr. Bramhall has been involved in natural resource management pertaining to soil and forest health as well as water quality. He is a registered professional forester and served as a Soil Conservationist for 25 years with the USDA Soil Conservation Service as well as Lead Ecologist for river basin studies. He also served as an area forester in northern California for 17 years. Prior to the 14 years of work for the Western Shasta RCD, he served as a Water Quality Officer at the state level for 3 years. Mr. Bramhall has been active with the RCDTC since 1997 and holds a BS in Ag/Forestry from the University of Connecticut. He earned his master’s degree in Forest Management from New York State University-Syracuse. He has lived in Tehama County since 1977 and values the rural setting as well as the appealing real estate value.
Walt Williams, Vice President:Mr. Williams served as CAL FIRE Ishi Camp Division Chief from 1971 to 2008. He earned his A.A. from Shasta College and has been active with the RCDTC since 2007. He was born and raised in Red Bluff and values the wide open spaces that he calls ‘home.’ He also appreciates the view-shed that agricultural lands provide.
Anne Read, Secretary: Mrs. Read has been involved in various projects on the family Read Ranch. Implementing NRCS practices on the ranch over the years sparked her interest in natural resource conservation. Having seen how the practices improved the ranching operation, she joined the RCDTC board in the early 1970s to help agriculture manage its resources. Mrs. Read holds a degree in Education from the University of Oregon and earned her teaching credential at San Jose State. She served on the BLM’s Regional Advisory Committee (2 year term). She developed the Kelly-Griggs House Museum guide/docent program and served as Chair of the Tehama County Coordinating Council on Developmental Disabilities. Mrs. Read is a Red Bluff native who values Tehama County’s oak woodlands and appreciates the ability to see the mountains and night sky due to the county’s clean air and lack of light pollution.
Ryan Sale, Treasurer: Mr. Sale is carrying on the family farming tradition to include prune, almond, and walnut production in central Tehama County. He earned a BS in Engineering from the University of Portland and a master’s degree in Public Health. He served as a Red Bluff City Council member for 20 years and has been active with the RCDTC for 15 years. Mr. Sale is a Red Bluff native and values Tehama County as a great place to raise agricultural products and families.
Scott Soder: Dr. Soder spent the first ten years of his professional career working with the 4-H Youth Development Program at national and state levels on the East Coast. Upon his return to California in 1987 he spent another 11 years serving as a management consultant for nonprofit organizations, specializing in strategic planning, Board development, and fund raising. For the last several years he has been enjoying the rural nature and natural resources of Tehama County where he specializes in farm, ranch, and recreational real estate sales and investing with California Outdoor Properties. Scott has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Occidental College and a Masters and Ph.D. degree in Education from Cornell University.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS: Kay Burrows, Frank Dawley, Larry Galper, Fraser Sime

Contact Information

PH: 530-737-5191

Vicky Dawley, District Manager
vicky at tehamacountyrcd.org
Tom McCubbins, Project Mgr/Watershed Coordinator
tom at tehamacountyrcd.org
Cathie Cousineau, GIS Manager
cathie at tehamacountyrcd.org
Kris Lamkin, Accountant
kris at tehamacountyrcd.org
Kevin Greer, Mobile Irrigation Lab
kevin at tehamacountyrcd.org
Rob Rianda, Project Manager
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Jon Barrett, Project Manager
jon at tehamacountyrcd.org
Brin Greer, Watershed Coordinator
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Emmy Westlake, STWEC Member Coordinator
emmy at tehamacountyrcd.org
Mark Ewing, Lead Conservation Technician
mark at tehamacountyrcd.org




Vicky Dawley, District Manager

Vicky has more than 25 years experience in resource management and ranching. She was RCD-TC’s first employee when she started as a Watershed Coordinator in 1999. She has overseen the growth of the district to its current ten employees and annual budget of over $1 million. Vicky has also managed millions of dollars in projects and grants for RCD-TC. These projects include planting and maintenance of elderberry mitigation sites, development and funding of conservation projects for local ranchers and owners of wildland parcels, education and outreach programs, and numerous environmental studies and reports. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Simpson University and has completed three years of botanical studies at U.C. Davis.


Tom McCubbins, Project Manager/Watershed Coordinator

Tom has a wide range of experience working for the Resource Conservation District of Tehama County and for private consulting firms, as well as state and federal agencies.  In his role as project manager with the Resource Conservation District of Tehama County, Tom has managed a number of watershed assessment projects, resource management plans, and wildland fire planning efforts.  This required the supervision of in house staff and management of contractor relationships. In previous positions, Tom negotiated and managed contracts for well drilling, construction services, environmental remediation, and academic services. Tom has a B.A. degree in Geography and Natural Resources and has completed graduate level coursework in Environmental Planning and Quantitative Methods from CSU Chico. In addition, Tom has a Certificate in Purchasing, Materials Management and Contract Administration from University of California, Berkeley.


Cathie Cousineau, GIS Manager/Systems Administrator

Cathie  is GIS Manager for RCD-TC, overseeing and coordinating all geospatially-related tasks in support of our environmental work. She also personally conducts an array of GIS analyses and is our organization’s cartographic expert.  As Systems Administrator, Cathie maintains the District’s network, troubleshoots technical problems, attends to security issues, and procures computer hardware and software. Prior to her arrival at RCD-TC, Cathie provided GIS support to various local nonprofits, and she continues in her nine-year role as Instructional Support Technician and GIS computer lab manager at CSU Chico. Cathie holds a B.S. degree in Biogeospatial Analysis with a Geoscience minor and GIS Certificate, and she has earned a master's degree in Geography with an emphasis on watershed management, both from CSU Chico. 

Kris Lamkin, Controller

Kris is the Controller for the RCD-TC and oversees our organization’s fiscal systems.  Her responsibilities include all of the District’s financial transactions, financial statement preparation, cash flow forecasting, budgeting, payroll, human resources, grant accounting, and financial reporting to the Board of Directors.  She also provides consulting services through RCD-TC to other Special Districts and nonprofits to help with fund accounting and grant reporting issues.  Prior to her arrival at RCD-TC, Kris worked as an Accountant for various agricultural business companies in the North State.  She has also operated her own horse training and marketing business since 1997.  Kris earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration from CSU Chico in 1993, and she is always pursuing continuing education in Nonprofit and Special District Accounting to further her skills. 

Kevin Greer, Mobile Irrigation Lab Director

Kevin has been involved with a variety of irrigation systems including agricultural, residential, and commercial applications. His local knowledge in serving the Tehama region over the past 10 years has greatly advanced the success of the Mobile Irrigation Lab program. Introduction to irrigation began in his youth, moving and repairing sprinkler pipes in his grandfather’s walnut orchards. He gained extensive field experience through training with his father’s custom landscape design company, where he acquired the skills of design and irrigation installation. He holds a B.A. degree in Geography with honors and a minor in Geology from Humboldt State University. He received his GIS certificate from CSU Chico in the spring of 2009. He was employed with RCD-TC in the spring of 2009. During this rookie year, he completed the largest number of evaluations ever done in one season. His specialty is the evaluation of crop irrigation systems, testing for application rates, distribution uniformity, and system performance.


  Rob Rianda, Project Manager

Rob is a Project Manager for the RCD-TC, with skills centered around energy efficiency and water conveyance and management. For 16 years, Rob worked for the Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority in Willows, managing all canal operations and maintenance. Most recently, he spent the last seven years in the energy field as a Residential Energy Consultant and co-owner of a Hollister business. Rob has a B.S. degree in Soil Science awarded by California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. He also holds a commercial driving license and has been trained in pest control, pesticide application, first responder, hazardous materials, and energy efficiency.


  Brin Greer, Watershed Coordinator

Brin is the Watershed Coordinator for the District. Her extensive experience with program development and community relations in both the public and private sectors help to advance the District’s grant projects and educational outreach campaign. She is the project lead for the Tehama County Climate Adaptation Plan for Forest and Water Resources and assists with administrative needs. She holds a B.A. degree with honors from Humboldt State University. Prior to her arrival at RCD-TC, she worked in the California wine industry, agricultural renewable energy production, and solid waste source reduction sectors. Brin is our resident expert in "reduce, reuse, and recycle"!


  Jon Barrett, Project Manager

Jon was born and raised in Southern California. After graduation from high school, he spent some time going to school in Laramie, Wyoming before the cold forced him back to the "Sunshine State." Jon graduated with honors from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Business/Marketing. Prior to joining the RCD, Jon spent his entire career in the private sector, developing large scale projects and running multimillion dollar budgets.


  Emmy Westlake, STWEC Member Coordinator

Emmy is a STWEC Member Coordinator for the District. She comes from a long line of cattle producers, with five generations in Shasta County. She grew up working alongside her family with their custom haying business and was an active member of her FFA and 4-H clubs. Emmy has attained a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an option in Management from Chico State and has over 15 years of experience in the management field. The opportunity to work alongside the producers is exciting, and she is so proud to be able to be part of their legacy and industry.


Mark Ewing, Lead Conservation Technician

Mark is the Lead Conservation Technician for the district. He supervises fuel break projects and operates the brush chipper. Mark also holds a Qualified Applicator License.