Fire-Related Projects for Shasta, Tehama, and Glenn Counties

    Getting Started: On the left under Quick Map Links, click on Project Index Map to see an overview with numbered links to more detailed maps. For example, to see projects near Manton, you would click on Map #2C. Note any nearby fire-related projects marked with red circles and the corresponding project numbers. Then, view the project database file to see details about each project, including project number, project name, contact person, status, and acres covered by the project. Please also read our disclaimer. Individual maps can quickly be accessed by number using the links below, in two formats: quick-to-view JPG and printable PDF.

      Purpose: To help facilitate the planning process for individuals, independent managers, community groups, and local and regional governmental agencies, TCRCD has gathered fire related project information in the vicinity of Shasta, Tehama, and Glenn Counties and has georeferenced the projects on web-enabled maps. Using this visual information, project planners can conceptualize the relationship between their project and other nearby projects that are either in the planning stage, in progress, or completed. TCRCD staff can assist with planning a fire management strategy. For more information about these services, click here.

      Please Contribute: This web service is not static, as fire management projects are constantly being proposed, implemented, and completed. Please send us your project description so that we can keep this database current, and please keep us informed as your project proceeds through the planning stage through completion. Also, we welcome your feedback as to how helpful this site is to you and what changes you would like to see.  Questions and requests can be directed to Cathie Benjamin.

Thank you!


Project Index Map (768kb)

Database for Projects


Quick viewing maps (JPG)

Printable maps (PDF)