Project Gallery

Lake California Side Channel

$13 Million through the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, multiple partners. Increase and improve Chinook salmon and steelhead spawning and rearing habitat through restoration and establishment of additional side-channel habitat along the Sacramento River in Tehama County.

Ponderosa Way Phase I and II

$867,000 funded by State Water Resources Control Board and California Dept of Fish & Game, working with numerous partners. Prepare an action plan for sediment reduction into the Battle Creek watershed, including one or more implementation projects and a CEQA document for future road fixes, along Ponderosa Way between Shasta and Butte County lines.

Antelope Creek Fish Passage

$1,830,000 funded by State Water Resources Control Board, partner Edwards Ranch. Minimum instream flow recommendations to improve adult and juvenile salmonid passage in lower Antelope Creek, Tehama County.

Shaded Fuel Break Projects

Tramway Road/A-Line Road/F-Line Road/Road 90-A Shaded Fuel Break Project. $298,431 funded by the US Forest Service. Coordinate and implement fuels reduction work along roads that are adjacent to Lassen National Forest.

C&R Ranch / Leininger Habitat Improvement

$270,000 plus $271,000 funded by Wildlife Conservation Board, partners C&R Ranch and Leininger Ranch. Assist with habitat restoration, fencing, and water feature improvements.

Mobile Irrigation Lab

$203,000 funded by NRCS and DWR. Provide agricultural water efficiency education, create and demonstrate the use of mobile technology for informed irrigation decisions, develop a network of local leaders in irrigation efficiency.

Rancho Tehama Fuel Reduction

$131,060 funded by the California Fire Safe Council. Construct 6.5 miles (120 acres) of shaded fuel break.

Crowley Gulch Restoration and Environmental Education Center

$100,000 funded by Shasta Regional Community Foundation, Shasta Regional Transportation Agency, and USFWS, partner Cottonwood Community Center. Provide an environmental education platform and safe youth crossing by installing a bridge across Crowley Gulch and a nature trail leading from a community center to school grounds.

2016 Community Outreach Ambassador Program

$58,000 funded by CPUC, Energy Upgrade California(R). Engage Californians at the grassroots level to build awareness about the importance of energy and to provide pathways for them to help California Stay Golden.

East Sand Slough

$4,500 plus $20,000 funded by the City of Red Bluff, Mendocino National Forest, and Durango RV Park. Remove dead trees and clear blackberry and other invasive plants within the East Sand Slough.

NRCS Cooperative Agreement / Education and Outreach

$25,000 funded by NRCS, partner California Rangeland Conservation Coalition. Capacity funding to generate new rangeland publications, stimulate new agency relationships, expand rangeland outreach and education efforts.

Carbon Cycle Institute

$17,000 funded by Carbon Cycle Institute and Paragonia. Develop an inaugural Carbon Farming framework for Tehama County farmers and ranchers. A Carbon Farm Plan will be developed for a rancher and farmer to showcase conservation practices that increase carbon capture and improve soil health while enhancing farm productivity.

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