Mobile Irrigation Lab - Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Mobile Irrigation Lab?

The Mobile Irrigation Lab is a service that provides on-site evaluations of agricultural irrigation systems. The goal of the Mobile Lab is to give the grower an overall snapshot of their irrigation system and its efficiency.

How much does it cost, and how does it work?

Evaluations are provided free of charge. Irrigation technicians will come out to yoursite and will ask a series of questions relating to the irrigation system: How old is the system, how old is the crop, what is the design layout, how often do you water, etc. Technicians will then spend 3 to 4 hours inspecting and measuring the irrigation system. Data collected will include pressure and volume measurements, wetted area, clogged screens or nozzles, and amount of sediment in the lines.

What happens to the data that is collected?

The irrigation team takes the information back to the office where a Cal Poly Program is used to determine the system’s efficiency, or Distribution Uniformity (DU). A small booklet is produced for the grower containing:
    A written summary report
    Your application rate
    Suggested run times
    Soil report
    Evaluation results
    Distribution Uniformity rating
    Evaluation suggestions
    Evaluation map
Based on these evaluations, an irrigation technician can work with the grower to develop an irrigation management plan tailored to individual needs. All these services are provided at no charge to the grower.

How does this service benefit me?

With this scientifically collected information, the Mobile Irrigation Lab technicians can make recommendations to the grower that will help improve system performance, such as repairing irrigation heads, developing a maintenance plan, or revising irrigation schedules. Through this service, growers learn to operate their systems more effectively, which can save electricity, water, and time.

How do I schedule a free irrigation evaluation?

To schedule an evaluation or for more information, call Kevin Greer at 530-737-5167, or send an email to

iCAN: Irrigation Consulting Ambassadors Network

What is iCAN?

iCAN is a group of local irrigators who will receive education and training about irrigation efficiency. These community leaders will help to spread the use of new technologies that can reduce water and energy use, also helping to conserve your money and your time.

How much does it cost, and how does it work?

This training is provided to the ambassadors free of charge. Two meetings will be held in 2015, and ambassadors will receive irrigation evaluations during the 2015 growing season. Ambassadors will have access to irrigation experts during short but intensive sessions on irrigation strategies.

What is the benefit to growers?

ICAN workshops will give irrigators the necessary tools to maximize crop yields, reduce water and energy consumption, and save time and money. New technologies and strategies will be introduced to the iCAN ambassadors, as well as proven practices that will help simplify irrigation scheduling.

Are there incentives to participate?

Members will be able to work directly with experts, professionals, and educators in a small group setting with an opportunity to follow up in the field. A Pressure Chamber will beavailable to iCAN ambassadors to borrow at no cost. Door prizes will be given away at each meeting worth $50, $75 and $100 each!

How do I become an iCAN participant?

For more information about the 2016 iCAN program, call Kevin Greer at 530-737-5167, or send an email to