Mobile Irrigation Lab

The Mobile Irrigation Lab is a service that provides on-site evaluations of agricultural irrigation systems.  The goal of the Mobile Lab is to give the grower an overall snapshot of their irrigation system.

How does it work?

A group of two or three irrigation technicians will come out to the site you would like to have evaluated. We will ask a series of questions relating to the irrigation system and area of interest, such as; How old is the system, how old is the crop, what is the design layout, how often do you water, etc….

Once the preliminary data has been collected, the evaluators will take 3 to 4 hours inspecting the system. Numerous types of data will be collected, including: Pressure and volume measurements throughout the system, wetted area, clogged screens or nozzles, amount of sediment in the lines, etc…

After all the data has been collected, the irrigation team takes the information back to the office where a Cal Poly Program is used to determine the system’s efficiency, or Distribution Uniformity (DU). Using several different sources a small booklet is produced for the grower with the following information included;

  • A written summary report
  • Your application rate
  • Suggested run times
  • Soil report
  • Evaluation results
  • Distribution Uniformity rating
  • Evaluation suggestions
  • Evaluation map

Based on these evaluations, a Mobile Lab Technician can work with growers to develop irrigation management plans tailored to their individual needs. 

With all of this information the technicians can give recommendations that will help improve system performance, such as repairing irrigation heads, developing a maintenance plan, and revising irrigation schedules. 

Through this service, growers learn to operate their systems more effectively, which can save electricity and water in the process.

Thanks to support from concerned agencies, Mobile Lab evaluations are performed at no cost to growers.

View an informational brochure (PDF, 481K)

To schedule an evaluation or for more information contact Mobile Lab Project Manager