Mobile Irrigation Lab

The latest photos from the 2015 season


The next iCAN meeting will be held on April 6th from 9-11am at 2 Sutter Street, Red Bluff. Four speakers will talk about irrigation scheduling, innovative equipment, use of soils information, and improving efficiency. More info on the flyer here.

At the first iCAN meeting in April 2015, six local irrigators will learn how to use the Irrigation Scheduler on their smartphones to control runtime and save water, energy, and time. A video tutorial can be downloaded and viewed here.


Brochure: Mobile Irrigation Lab
Brochure: Lab Movile de Irrigacion (Spanish)
Brochure: Irrigation Scheduler
Brochure: Evapotranspiration
Brochure: Evapotranspiracion (Spanish)
Flyer: Latest iCAN Announcement
Powerpoint: iCAN Meeting 4-9-2015 Introduction (PDF 1MB)
Powerpoint: iCAN Meeting 4-9-2015 Irrigation Scheduler (PDF 2MB)
Powerpoint: iCAN Meeting 4-9-2015 DU (PDF 2MB)


--The Mobile Irrigation Lab is a free service offered in Tehama County and the surrounding region. A short video can be viewed at this link.

--A video tutorial for the Irrigation Scheduler mobile app is now available on YouTube at this link.


View common questions about the Mobile Irrigation Lab and about the Irrigation Consulting Ambassadors Network (iCAN) here.


Irrigation evaluations were provided to iCAN ambassadors during the 2015 field season, and a field workshop was held in mid-summer. The next iCAN meeting is scheduled for April 6, 2016. More info here.