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Dye Creek Low Water Crossing Fish Passage Project

The Dye Creek Project is located in Tehama County on the east side of the Sacramento Valley in the Mount Lassen foothills. Currently, a 158 foot-long paved road at Shasta boulevard impedes fish passage at this anadromous watershed. This road crossing in addition to undersized culverts filled with sediment underneath it creates 2-ft to 3-ft head differentials at low flow. This project aims to improve passage conditions for salmonids and make approximately 10 stream miles of non-natal rearing habitat available for winter-run Chinook salmon, spring-run Chinook salmon, and fall-run Chinook salmon that have all been documented just below the barrier (Maslin et al. 1997).  The project would also improve passage conditions for adult and juvenile steelhead/rainbow trout that have been documented in the upper watershed (Crain and Moyle 1997) and for adult fall-run Chinook salmon that are assumed to spawn below the barrier.