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Community Engagement

The RCDTC and its nonprofit, the Tehama Conservation Fund (TCF), work together to provide education and engagement opportunities for our community, including public hikes, student field days, and the Wild & Scenic® Film Festival, On-Tour – Red Bluff. These programs enable us to build meaningful relationships with our community and expand awareness and knowledge of, as well as appreciation for, Tehama County's natural resources.

TNC Dye Creek Preserve Hospitality 

TNC Dye Creek Preserve Hospitality

More information coming soon.

Youth Programs 

The RCDTC is passionate about inspiring future generations of environmental stewards and runs a variety of programs for Tehama County Youth, including Hands-on-Habitat educational workshops, student field days, Outdoor Galore, and more. For more information about the RCDTC's youth programming, contact Brin Greer at or (530) 727-1295.

Next Generation Science Standards

The RCD of Tehama County inspires future generations of Tehama County stewards. Staff are trained and ready to roll out Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) hands-on science learning and environmental literacy standards for youth K-12.

Outdoor Galore Science Kits

The RCDTC recognizes the need to support parents, caregivers, and teachers with home-based learning as well as the importance of encouraging youth outdoor exploration. As such, the RCDTC has partnered with its nonprofit, the Tehama Conservation Fund to develop a series of 6 natural world-themed exploratory kits for Tehama County youth between the ages of 8 and 11. Each kit is free and contains different nature-based, hands-on activities that encourage self-paced outdoor exploration.

Hands-on-Habitat Education Workshops

In partnership with the Tehama Conservation Fund, the RCDTC offers the Power of Pollinators and Hands-on-Habitat educational play workshops for youth ages 6 and up. These summer activities engage youth in our natural world with interactive presentations, guest speakers, and an opportunity to build their own habitat models.

Milkweed, Monarchs, Migration, & Me

In partnership with the Tehama Conservation Fund, the RCDTC presents a two-part Milkweed, Monarchs, Migration, & Me educational experience. Students participate in interactive PowerPoint presentations, create artwork, play games, and plant milkweed at their schools.

Tehama County Education Day

Each year, the RCDTC joins more than 60 other local businesses and service providers to speak with junior high school students from across the county about career options. Students are able to connect with professionals, talk to them about their careers, and ask what they need to do to get started in various career fields. The RCDTC features its Mobile Irrigation Lab and focuses on careers in water management and wildfire mitigation, as they are critical natural resource concerns.

Wild & Scenic® Film Festival, On-Tour – Red Bluff 

Wild & Scenic® Film Festival, On-Tour – Red Bluff

Each year, the RCDTC supports its nonprofit, the Tehama Conservation Fund (TCF), to host the Wild & Scenic® Film Festival, On-Tour - Red Bluff. The Wild & Scenic® Film Festival is one of the nation's premiere nature education and adventure film festivals, and the Red Bluff On-Tour event combines stellar filmmaking, beautiful cinematography, and first-rate storytelling to instill a deep appreciation and sense of wonder for the natural world that surrounds and supports us all. The film festival is held annually on the last Saturday in March.