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Feral Cattle Removal and Habitat Restoration

The Feral Cattle Removal Project will restore wildlife habitat through the removal of unbranded, feral cattle on 27,000 acres of private property between Mill Creek and Big Dye Creek, adjacent to the Ishi Wilderness.

Over time, feral cattle degrade the land, causing significant habitat and biodiversity loss as well as water quality issues. Sediment and nitrogen accumulation in creeks (caused by trampling) can suffocate aquatic life vital to the ecosystem. As cattle graze on native plants, the vegetation configuration tends to shift from native and perennial plants to invasives and annuals. Additionally, due to patterns of increased cattle grazing, the Tehama deer herd’s migration patterns have shifted, increasing predator activity and diminishing the herd.

By removing the unbranded, feral cattle and improving existing infrastructure, this Project will have a positive ecological impact on 27,000 acres of wildlife habitat in eastern Tehama County.

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