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Office Relocation

Corner building with awning, brick siding, a tree, blue sky, and a mural on adjacent building.
The soon to be new location of the Resource Conservation District of Tehama County. Walnut at Rio streets in downtown Red Bluff, CA.

The RCDTC vacated the 2 Sutter Street office in February 2024, the place that we have called home for the last forty years. We joined the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Service Center (Natural Resources Conservation Service, Farm Services Agency, and Rural Development agencies) as the first tenants when the building was constructed. The recent owners required more office space of their own, causing us to find a new location for our office-based staff. This was a challenging task as office rental properties that met our needs were in short supply. To compound our situation, we were pinned to a limited time frame to relocate.

We are forever grateful to the Job Training Center (JTC) for leasing us short-term office space next to their facility on Main Street in the Red Bluff downtown business district. The space didn’t meet the specs for the JTC’s next venture, so our crew was able to quickly transform it to better suit both of our needs; truly a win-win situation. This temporary office is a steppingstone set at the right time and place for us to continue to serve our community during the housing transition. Thanks, JTC!

Staff have repeatedly shared how wonderful it is to be in the heart of town and supporting local business. We are excited to remain downtown as the new property owner of 202, 204, and 206 Walnut Street. Our staff and board recognize that it is a unique building with a rich history and appreciate its character and charm. The property is adjacent to the Historic Chinatown Alley. This designated portion of the alley honors the first Chinese families of Red Bluff and is located between Main Street and Rio Street with Hickory Street to the north and Pine Street to the south.

While we are new in developing a relationship with the property, building, and environs, we acknowledge that community members have their own connection to this beloved corner lot on Walnut at Rio streets. According to Tehama County Assessor public records and Tehama County Genealogical & Historical Society historical material, the property was periodically owned by Chinese immigrant families and functioned as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice and upstairs residence. Long time residents recall an elaborate annual New Year’s Eve banquet party hosted by the Chinese community for the public in the building’s basement, until new ownership occupied the property. A recent snapshot of ownership shows that the building was sold in 1996 and it has had 2 other owners since then. Prior to our purchase, it housed various businesses to include Zelma’s awards and trophy shop, JP Office Products, Lisa Miller-Davison Massage Therapy,  and the Broom Closet as well as the residential accommodation on the second floor. Building permits show previous modification to the first and second floor to meet the needs of the business. 

Fortunately, the building is in good condition considering it was constructed well over a century ago. Also, the property was designed for commercial use by the previous owner making it a fairly easy transition. Aside from electrical improvements and other basic safety upgrades, as of the end of April 2024, we don’t foresee the need for a major remodel.

Updates: 2024

1st week of May - A main waterline broke, therefore, a backflow preventor on the valve was installed. A new waterline is underway that will bypass the old, damaged line encased in concrete. 

1st week of June - A series of break-ins occurred with theft and attempted theft. Four exterior doors were damaged, one of which was replaced, two reinforced, and one remains functional. Installed copper pipe and construction equipment were stolen. A report was filed with the City of Red Bluff Police Department.

2nd week of June – New waterline has been installed.

What’s next

The RCDTC is committed to local, collaborative conservation in fostering responsible use of resources for the benefit of future generations. As a place-based, public service provider, the RCDTC embraces historic and cultural values throughout Tehama County, including the building.

We hope to be moved into the building by mid-August 2024 and we are excited to settle into our new home soon!

In the spirit of community, we intend to host a Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Date and time are TBD. Details will be posted here. Stay tuned…


The following are resources to learn more about the make-up of Red Bluff’s communities:

  • Tehama County Genealogical & Historical Society -
  • Hughes, Benjamin M. The Chinese in Tehama County, 2023.
  • The Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians – The first nation peoples, the tribe had managed the land in what is now known as Red Bluff following Traditional Ecological Knowledge, the local understanding of the relationships between plants, animals, natural phenomena, landscapes, and timing of events acquired by indigenous peoples over hundreds or thousands of years through direct contact with the environment, from time immemorial.
  • Chinese immigrants and descendants – Chinese immigrants and their descendants historically, and currently, have a positive impact on our community and the Northstate. The first families include the Wong/Foey, Chew/Yuen, Fong/Hing, Chin, and On/Lew. It has been reported that Bo Do Hong established a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist practice in Red Bluff during the 1860s. More details at 
  • Chew, Jessica. Images of America: Chinese in Tehama County, Date TBD.

Note: Do you have information to help piece together the past lives of this property? We are particularly interested in the following:

  • Other businesses that operated out of this building that are not listed above
  • Photographs of previous business occupation of this property

Please share with us via email,  tcrcd at