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Outdoor Galore Science Kits

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The Resource Conservation District of Tehama County (RCDTC) has developed Outdoor Galore, a series of 6 natural world-themed exploratory kits for Tehama County youth between 8 and 11 in age. Each kit is free and contains different nature-based, hands-on activities that encourage outdoor exploration at their own pace.

The RCDTC recognizes the need to support parents, caregivers, and teachers with home-based learning as well as encouraging youth outdoor exploration during the COVID-19 pandemic. The kits offer stress-free, no-obligation, healthy, outdoor learn-play. Hands-on experiences in the natural world are the precursor to learning. Less formal and more tactile play is an impactful approach to learning especially when it comes to developing natural resource awareness for youth.

In total, the RCDTC distributed 622 kits to youth in Tehama County. The kits benefitted locals from ages seven to thirteen representing 27 different schools across the county. Most importantly, youth and their families got outside to explore the natural world through art and hands-on learning all while having fun!