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Tehama East Watershed Assessment and Management Plan

This project prepared a watershed assessment for eastern Tehama County, gathering and assimilating existing information on the physical, cultural, and demographic characteristics of the Tehama East watersheds. While the final publication is primarily a report on the conditions of the watershed, it is also an opportunity to educate and prioritize future projects. This assessment also includes the Tehama East Watershed Assessment Atlas, the purpose of which was to present to the public a collection of digital databases associated specifically with Tehama County’s cultural and natural resources. These publications have assisted the RCDTC’s efforts to develop means of assessing and implementing projects throughout the studied watersheds.

Using the information gathered in the Tehama East Watershed Assessment, the RCDTC later published the Tehama East Watershed Management Plan, a document prioritizing various management actions to improve watershed conditions in eastern Tehama County. Guidance and assistance addressing the conclusions and recommendations outlined in the document were provided by a Technical Advisory Committee with members from private industry and public agencies as well as other stakeholders, including private landowners.


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