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Tehama West Watershed Assessment and Management Plan

This project prepared a watershed assessment for western Tehama County, which identified the physical, biological, and human processes and features found within the assessment study area. The assessment process also involved the development of Geographic Information System (GIS) data layers which allow for the visualization of environmental conditions as well as a database of written and statistical information pertaining to the watershed.

The mission of the Tehama West Watershed Assessment was to gather and integrate existing information on the physical, cultural, and demographic variables that characterize the section of Tehama County west of the Sacramento River (excluding the Cottonwood Creek Watershed). It serves primarily as a conditions report, to be used as an educational tool to help guide residents and stakeholders in prioritizing future watershed projects. The assessment was one of the first steps in accumulating known knowledge of existing conditions within the watershed ecosystem.

Using the information gathered in the Assessment, the RCDTC later published the Tehama West Watershed Management Plan, a document prioritizing various management actions to improve watershed conditions. Guidance and assistance addressing the conclusions and recommendations outlined in the document were provided by a Technical Advisory Committee with members from private industry and public agencies as well as other stakeholders, including private landowners.


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