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Youth Education Programs

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The RCD of Tehama County inspires future generations of Tehama County stewards. Staff are trained and ready to roll out Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) hands-on science learning and environmental literacy for youth K-12.  

Are you interested in receiving integrated educational experiences? Call us at 530-727-1280 or email Brin Greer at 

Outdoor Galore Science Kits

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Make-n-Play Activity Kits: Wonders of the Natural World

The Resource Conservation District of Tehama County (RCDTC) has developed Outdoor Galore, a series of 6 natural world-themed exploratory kits for Tehama County youth between 8 and 11 in age. Each kit is free and contains different nature-based, hands-on activities that encourage outdoor exploration at their own pace.

The RCDTC recognizes the need to support parents, caregivers, and teachers with home-based learning as well as encouraging youth outdoor exploration during the COVID-19 pandemic. The kits offer stress-free, no-obligation, healthy, outdoor learn-play. Hands-on experiences in the natural world are the precursor to learning. Less formal and more tactile play is an impactful approach to learning especially when it comes to developing natural resource awareness for youth.

In collaboration with the Tehama Conservation Fund and local donations, a total of 622 kits have been distributed to youth in Tehama County in the fall and winter of 2020. The kits benefitted locals from ages eight and up representing 27 different schools across the county. Most importantly, youth and their families got outside to explore the natural world through art, science, and hands-on learning all while having fun! 

Thank you for the most wonderful kits. The Outdoor Galore Make-n-Play kits were a lifesaver to a distance working mom with distance learning children during the COVID19 pandemic.  These kits provided hours of hands on activities centered around our natural resources. The kids LOVED them and they created amazing projects and encouraged engaging conversations centered around our beautiful mountains, sky, clouds, water, etc…

- E. Westlake- working mom of two.

The volcano [kit] was awesome! I was expecting it to blast up high in the air, but it bubbled and fizzed down the side and sound like [insert volcano sound effect by an enthusiast kid]. It was still so cool! I remind my mom every Wednesday that it’s time to pick up the next kit.

-Izacc German, age 8

Hands-on-Habitat Education Workshops

In partnership with the Tehama Conservation Fund, RCDTC supports the Power of Pollinators and Hands-On Habitat educational-play workshops for youth age 6 and up. These summer activities engage youth in our natural world with interactive presentations, guest speakers, and an opportunity to build their own habitat models. This program is provided to our community through donations and/or grant funds. We welcome donations to our non-profit, the Tehama Conservation Fund, to help support nature-based education.

Monarch Migrations and Me

In partnership with the Tehama Conservation Fund a two-part Milkweed, Monarchs, Migration & Me educational experience was presented to the after-school SERRF program at Antelope Elementary. The students participated in interactive PowerPoint presentations, artwork, games, and planting nearly 20 milkweed plugs in their school garden.

Tehama County Education Day

Each year the RCDTC joins over 60 other local businesses and service providers to speak with students regarding career options. During the 2 events, Junior High School students from around the county are able to talk with professionals about their careers and what they need to do to start into that field. The RCDTC features its Mobile Irrigation Lab and the careers based in water management as a critical natural resource concern as well as our Wildfire Vegetation Management services. Students gain hands-on experience in testing a dripline for irrigation efficiency and identify hazardous vegetation and watch the chipper in action.