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Mobile Irrigation Lab FAQs

What is the Mobile Irrigation Lab?

The Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) is a free service that provides on-site evaluations of agricultural irrigation systems. The primary function of the MIL is to provide comprehensive reports to producers that detail how their irrigation system is performing, including tips, suggestions, and recommendations based on data collected during the inspection.

How much does it cost?

All evaluations within the MIL service area of Tehama, Butte, Glenn, and Shasta Counties are provided at no cost! Currently, the RCD of Tehama County is operating this service through support of the Almond Board of California.

Who is eligible for this free service?

Any producer who has an agricultural irrigation system and operates anywhere within Tehama, Butte, Glenn and/or Shasta Counties (call Kevin for more information).

How does it work?

To utilize the MIL program contact Kevin Greer at the RCD and you will be added to the wait list. At the beginning of each irrigation season Kevin will schedule evaluations starting at the top of the list and working through each contact as open dates become available. At the time of scheduling all details associated with each evaluation will be thoroughly discussed.

What happens to the data that is collected?

The irrigation technician team takes the information collected from each evaluation back to the office and uses several excel spreadsheets to determine the system’s efficiency, or distribution uniformity (DU). Once all of the information has been processed and analyzed a detailed report is created and hand delivered to each grower. Each report contains the following:

· Written summary

· System application rate

· Estimated run time calculator

· Sprinkler or emitter flow rate data

· Distribution uniformity rating (DU)

· System suggenstions and tips

· Evaluation location map

· Plugging and leaking data

What are the benefits of the MIL?

Reports provided by the MIL program contain comprehensive details associated with each irrigation system that is inspected. Each report contains recommendations that could help improve system performance, leading to possible improvements in the efficiency of water distribution, a decrease in pump run times and the overall awareness of how each system evaluated is functioning.

How do I schedule a free irrigation evaluation?

To schedule an evaluation, add your name to the contact list or for more information, call Kevin Greer at 530-727-1297, or send an email to