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Natural Resource Management Publications

Tehama County Pollinator Friendly Plants.pdfTehama County Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan.pdfBattle Creek Watershed Integrated Weed Management Plan.pdfTehama East Watershed Management Plan.pdfTehama West Watershed Assessment.pdfTCRCD Tips Booklet.pdfForest and Water Resilience.pdfFIsh Passage in Lower Antelope Creek.pdfTehama East Watershed Assessment.pdf
Forest and Water Resource Resiliency Framework
Forest and Water Resilience.pdf

Recognizing that Tehama County had yet to comprehensively address the effects of a changing climate on water and forest resources in relation to economic, social, and environmental vulnerabilities, the RCD facilitated the development of the Forest and Water Resource Resiliency Framework. A stakeholder team representing various sectors and resource managers contributed to the framework to improve land management in order to safeguard natural assets, including hydrologic and ecosystem processes. The framework serves as a reference and as a living guide for interagency decision makers to gain community support for the implementation of solutions. The findings of the framework were presented to the Tehama County Board of Supervisors in August of 2015.

Tehama East Watershed Atlas
Pages 1-137.pdfPages 138-290.pdfPages 291-459.pdf
Tehama West Watershed Assessment
Table of Contents.pdfExecutive Summary.pdfExecutive Summary Maps and Charts.pdfSection 1. Introduction.pdfSection 2. History.pdfSection 3. Land Use.pdfSection 4. Geography.pdfSection 5. Climate.pdfSection 6. Hydrology.pdfSection 7. Water Quality.pdfSection 8 Vegetation.pdfSection 9 Wildlife Resources.pdfSection 10. Fisheries and Aquatics.pdfSection 11. Fire History.pdfAppendix 1-2 Part 1.pdfAppendix 1-2 Part 2.pdfAppendix 7-1.pdf
Tehama West Management Plan
Tehama West Management Plan.pdf
Nature's Nursery

A partnership between NRCS and TCRCD staff produced an interesting and useful publication containing pictures and descriptions of native plants. This publication is available for a small donation. Please contact us at 530-737-5191 to inquire.


Rephotography: Revisiting six past NRCS project sites (Opens bookstore in new window)

Lassen Foothils Vegetation Mapping and Monitoring Project
Vegetation Map.pdfFire Ecology.pdfFire Modeling.pdfVegetation Mapping Report.pdf
ponderosa way Phase i & ii CEQA
Main Document.pdfMap, Overview Location Map.pdfAppendix A.pdfAppendix B.pdfAppendix C.pdfAppendix D.pdfAppendix E.pdfAppendix H.pdfAppendix I.xlsxAppendix I, Stirling City Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Cohasset Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Campbell Mound Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Ishi Caves Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Manton Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Butte Meadows Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Onion Butte Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Barkeley Mountain Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Finley Butte Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Panther Springs Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Devils Parade Ground Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Inskip Hill Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Lyonsville Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix I, Grays Peak Topo Quad.xlsxAppendix J.pdfMap, Phase I.pdfMap, Phase II.pdfStaff Report.docMap, Topo Quad.PDFNotice of Intent.pdfNotice of Determination.pdfBoard Resolution.doc