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Tehama Prescribed Burn Association

The Resource Conservation District of Tehama County (RCDTC) is in the early stages of forming a Prescribed Burn Association (PBA) in Tehama County, or the Tehama PBA

What is Prescribed Fire? 

Prescribed fire (also known as "good fire," beneficial fire, and more) is an important practice where we utilize the planned application of fire under certain conditions (a prescription) to help achieve numerous objectives, including fuels reduction for wildfire readiness, supporting native plant species/managing invasive species, wildlife habitat improvement, range improvement, and more.  

What is a PBA? 

Prescribed Burn Associations (PBAs) are community based, mutual aid networks that help private landowners put “good fire” back on the land (CalPBA).

In Tehama County, the RCDTC would employ PBA coordinators as technical advisors who also assist PBA members (landowners and volunteers), provide additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment at burns, support prep work and burns, and apply for further grant funding to support the PBA. 

Get Involved 

Indicating your preliminary interest will help the RCDTC apply for grant funding to support PBA coordinators who would provide technical assistance to landowners for burning, plan trainings and educational events, and organize volunteer fire-lighters to support fire adapted communities in Tehama County. Once a PBA Coordinator is brought on staff, they will connect with you with more information. 

Interested Landowner Form 

Interested Volunteer Form


More information coming soon.

Learn more about California's PBA movement here.